My name is Alice Gibbs. Currently in Leicester, UK, I am about to graduate as a film and journalism student. I am super into trashy pop culture, the written word and the idea that millennial pink is about to take over the world. You can read more about my professional work on my portfolio site here.

Whiskey Jars is the culmination of a number of things. From blogging back in 2012, Whiskey Jars began life as a re-vamp in December 2015 as part of an assignment for my journalism course. I needed to write a blog post and hadn't actually updated a blog in some time. I wrote a film review and began designing a space to put it - the bug caught me again and this space became bigger. My final year at University saw Whiskey Jars fall into the back burner, as my life changed drastically I wasn't sure how to bring WJ with me. However, the freedom that blogging gives me to explore my interests and write about what is happening around me is something that I truly love. I like to think that Whiskey Jars holds its own in a space filled with blogs about beauty, fashion and lifestyle, in that it tries to be a space that can talk about the latest on-trend skirt and mental health issues in the same breath. After all, we are human and we are not made up of perfect nails or serious political chats - we are a mix of it all, and hopefully so is Whiskey Jars.

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