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CaseApp Phone Case: Review

I am a little bit obsessive when it comes to looking after my phone. I only purchased it six months ago and the thought of something happening to it hurts my head and my bank balance. For this reason, I always have a case on my phone.

For the last six months, however, I have been attached to my simple clear case which does the job - but doesn't exactly look perfect!

CaseApp is an online company that supply personalised cases or skins for a range of electronics from phones, to tablets and laptops.

They offer a range of gorgeous remade designs for you to choose from - or you can start completely from scratch and make your very own design using the really simple interface.

I loved a lot of the cases already available one the site and was really drawn to the idea of creating my own minimal but cute design based on the marble idea. With a little bit of Photoshop fun, I finally came up with my design.

American Horror Story Season 6 Episode 1 Review:

**Possible spoilers**

American Horror Story: My Roanoke Nightmare by FX
If you've been watching American Horror Story from the start, you might remember a season 1 teaser about the urban legend of vanishing townships, uneasy spirits, and the lost colony of Roanoke. Five years later, Brad Falchuck and Ryan Murphy have treated us to an entire series based on this legend.

Unusual was the way that we have had no clues about the anthology of season 6's theme until getting to watch this first episode - simply a flurry of misleading and unreadable teasers.

As it opens, My Roanoke Nightmare informs us as an audience that this is based on a true story. Alongside this classic trope, the faux documentary style is something completely different for the show. Inspired by paranormal reality shows it is a structure we have seen in many horror films but swapping straightforward narrative for talking heads.. There is a worry that it has been done.

The episode opens on married couple Shelby (Lily Rabe) and Matt (AndrĂ© Holland) recounting to camera a traumatic paranormal experience in their new deep south farmhouse in America. Their story is mixed with dramatic reenactments of the pair's toils. An interesting touch is the way which reenactments are played onscreen by Sarah Paulson and Cuba Gooding Jr (can anyone say People vs OJ reunion?).

5 Date Nights with a Difference

I have been in a relationship for quite a long time now. One of the most important things we do in our relationship is ensure we have date nights often.

From sitting in and turning off our phones to play a board game to heading out to our favourite restaurant or to see a film - dating is important to us.

Date nights are an important part of making sure your relationship stays fresh and exciting - but what happens when your date nights start feeling too similar and comfortable too?

Today I want to share with you some ideas for date nights with a difference...

1/ Go Ape with outdoor activities:
If you're guilty of staying in your comfort zone when it comes to your dates, why not try something a little more adventurous? Take your date to new heights by trying the Go Ape Tree Top Adventure. From £33 per person there are facilities all over the UK for you to enjoy a fun date with a difference.